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Bob Taylor's Crazy Sketchbook

Propmaster Shawn Gray introduced me to Production Designer Patrice Vermette for the production of three different hero books for this dark feature film starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Of the 3 books this was the most difficult to produce because there was a psychological aspect involved: it was to have been produced by a crazed character named Bob Taylor, who was obsessed with mazes. This book was to have been made to look as if he’d spent years drawing hundreds of different insane mazes.

I had to study mazes for a while before I began to think in maze-style. Working with Patrice over the course of several weeks I split the styles between “traditional” mazes and strangely twisted versions of children’s mazes.

So did you see the book in the movie? Possibly, but probably only in passing, as I’m told that they didn’t shoot inserts of it here in Atlanta. I haven’t seen the movie because the script was really too dark for my tastes.




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Pencil, pen, ink & watercolour.

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