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Revolution: Fortification Concept

The pilot/first-episode for J.J. Abrams’ post-apocalyptic series “Revolution” rolled into Atlanta in mid-winter of 2012. Production designer Zack Grobler needed drawings to hand off to the construction department to help them get into the spirit of a society that had been returned to pre-industrial levels; forced to adapt found objects to their needs.

In the first episode viewers were introduced to a neighborhood cul-de-sac that had been fortified against outsiders. Zack wanted to create a small scale timber fortification using felled trees anchored with car tires at the base. I made several studies of how those walls might be in-filled with branches and for the construction of the wheeled entrance gates.

I was amused by Zack’s first reaction to my drawing style: “You draw like me.” – which I suppose isn’t saying much when working alongside former comic book artists Chris Hunter and Craig Gilmore, who also provided pre-production art and final graphic design to the show.

Yeah, I don’t know if that’s a pig or a dog in the picture. Either way it looks like it’s pooping. Sorry.




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