Make and Do.

Scribbles and sketches, arrows and notes, whatever it takes to capture an idea. This is my online portfolio. Take a look at my past work to see if you think that I'm the right person to help you realize your vision.

One of my most treasured childhood artifacts is Volume 11 of the “Childcraft How and Why Library”, simply titled “Make and Do” (that’s the icon from the cover, on the left). That beloved book launched a thousand rainy day creative projects and I like to think that a little of its magic rubs off on every project I do, from motion pictures to print publications. This portfolio section features my work in graphic design, illustration, print, web design, writing, and motion pictures. Please take a look around to get an idea of what you'd be buying my hiring me. While I am by no means a commercial artist, I'm told that I have a great knack for envisioning the total package. As such, the most valuable time to bring me into a project is during the concept phase, before you ever get around to the production of copy and graphics. Drop me a line to see if my schedule is open, I’d like to hear about your project and discuss my availability!

My Services

Graphic Design

Designing graphics for motion pictures is fun because you get to produce an enormous variety of elements that you might never encounter in a “real world” job. I worked on-set for more than a decade, so I understand how things are likely to be used on-camera, and I especially love designing dimensional elements that require assembly.


For some of us a mouse will never replace the magical brain-to-paper connection that a pen, pencil or paintbrush affords. I’ve created sketchbooks for motion pictures, television shows and commercials, and often make sketches of items I’ll later build inside a computer app because illustrations help me to visualize things in a way that computer mockups cannot.


I'm a featured writer for Oz Magazine, providing humorous, historical and informative stories from movie sets. I've been blogging on and off since 1998 and in 2011 I published my first book, with more on the drawing board. I’ve created real bound books, specifically for use as insert-ready on-camera props and was a ghost writer for “rPlank: The Official Survival Guide”

Web Design for Motion Pictures

I build websites for use on-camera in motion pictures to provide the director with flexibility for their shot and to provide actors with an easy interface. My work has appeared on several films/shows through the years, including season 2 of Teen Wolf and for a scene featuring Morgan Freeman in the 2013 movie Last Vegas. I code by hand, am dangerous with Flash, and can help you figure out the best way to do a gag.


Boring old business graphics can actually be quite exciting if you’re cursed with a touch of OCD. I’ve been turning people’s napkin doodles into technical drawings, diagrams, charts, pamphlets, presentations and various other types of business graphics since the mid-1990s.


Some skills transfer well across disciplines and I’ve found that I’m good at putting together motion pictures because it’s not entirely unlike laying out graphics. The elements tell you where (and in the case of motion projects) when they should happen. Motion projects require more teamwork, and I’ve worked with some talented folks.

Meet My Clients (links open in new window)

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Client Endorsements

Calm Under Pressure

“I contracted Andrew for multiple video animation projects for a Fortune 15 telecommunications company. He's calm under pressure, cares about his work, and is an amazing illustrator, designer and storyteller. Plus, he’s a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use him in the future and recommend him without reservation.”

Lynn Lamousin, Kittyboy Creations

Instrumental Help

“Andrew was instrumental in helping me translate my vision into reality. He guided me through the publication process and provided valuable insight into ways to improve my book. I would certainly employ his services again should I decide to write again.”

Captain Drew,

A Pleasure!

“Andrew was an invaluable cohort in the design and production of custom graphics for client service deliverables. With only the broadest of concept statements and the right business content he worked wonders in Photoshop -- and whatever else he has squirreled away on his computer(s) -- to produce "spot on" product. He's tireless in his pursuit of producing great work (our late hours at the office together attest to that), quick to suggest a "better way" to get to the goal, positively accepts constructive critique, and he knows how to prioritize his work. A pleasure to have worked with him!”

David Wheeler, ADVENTpds, LLC

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