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Rolling Gorilla Cage

The opening sequence for the prequel Dumb & Dumberer introduced the characters Harry & Lloyd as they grew up. At one point the character of Lloyd (as a baby) is put into a circus-style rolling cage containing a gorilla.

The show’s original Production Designer, Cecilia Montiel, had gone to Paramount’s library and done research for circus rolling stock and so I sketched up a measured illustration and built a little maquette for the construction crew to use as a go-by for building a full-size cage.

Old-school sign painter Larry West came in and used my sketch model as a guide, adding more complete flourishes. We didn’t go to great effort on those flourishes because the trailer was supposed to be a low-rent “carny” affair. I think we succeeded.




New Line Cinema


Hand illustration / physical model

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Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

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