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Drew Duncan is an Atlanta-based creative consultant who knows better than to write about himself in the third person. He hates being accused of “having too much time on his hands” because life is way too short... let’s have some fun along the way!

Drew is the creator of an all-cardboard science fiction convention, the founder of a traditional pirate-themed pubcrawl, the business manager of the planet's favorite space pirate, and a fairly well-known blogger on the topic of his misadventures in the motion picture industry where he is known simply as “Drewprops”.

His career in motion pictures began with a winning entry for a writing competition hosted by Starlog Magazine, Warner Brothers, Rank Studios and British Air. Drew and his father were flown to London to be extras in the first of Tim Burton’s new Batman films. Three years later he joined the crew of the film Robocop 3. Since then he has worked alongside camera on dozens of feature film and television projects as an assistant propmaster, later moving into the art department in a design capacity. Over the years Drew has dropped Kevin Costner, bounced a grenade off of Daniel Baldwin’s forehead, been scolded by Denzel Washington, been leapfrogged by Dennis Franz and once caught a cottage made entirely of cheese while crouched inches away from a bikini-clad Nikki Cox.

In 2011 he became a featured writer for Oz Magazine, a business-to-business periodical focusing on the film & television industry along with print & new media. Drew’s stories tend to focus on humorous behind the scenes anecdotes from motion picture sets.

Concurrent with his film and television projects Drew provided design and writing services to Satulah Group, an architecture / construction management firm. By 2002 he had transitioned from working set to producing design work for the art department on the films Radio, Dumb & Dumberer, and Bobby Jones. In 2004 he accepted a permanent position with Brookwood Group, but remained active in Georgia's motion picture industry and its efforts to produce a tax incentive measure to compete with those of Louisiana, which had drawn away the vital flow of film projects necessary to preserve Georgia's small production base.

Moving between motion pictures and corporate projects keeps things fresh and while he’s always willing to provide typical design services, Drew prefers to join corporate projects during the concept phase so that he can provide input to production, workflow and deliverables.


  • 2011 - authored and art-directed on-demand book "rPlank: The Official Survival Guide" in conjunction with a high-quality 60 second commercial.
  • 2010 - launched Cardboard*Con, touted as “the world’s largest all-cardboard science-fiction convention”. Cardboard*Con is now in its 15th year.
  • 2005 - founded The Official PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing, an annual event now in its 20th year. PiratePalooza regularly attracts several hundred pirates
  • 2004 - was selected as a finalist in the Southeastern Media Award for his first screenplay (Love and the Dragon), encouraging him to continue development on other projects he had on the drawing board.
  • 2003 - designed a concept license plate aimed at promoting the motion picture industry in Georgia, turning it into the Film-GA License Plate Campaign to raise public awareness toward having the plate added to the state’s list of specialty license tags.
  • 2001 - lost Reese Witherspoon's wedding ring. Found it again. (it was a prop)
  • 1991 - graduated from Georgia Tech.
  • 1988 - won a writing competition, was flown to London to be an extra in the movie Batman, shot at Pinewood Studios.


This list does not include day-playing gigs, as that work is not traditionally included on a resume since it is temporary and of limited scope. (I have plenty of day-playing days)

2013 - Feature
Illustrator (sketchbook)
Alcon Entertainment
Patrice Vermette, Production Designer
Last Vegas
2012 - Feature
Additional Graphic Design
Four Fellas Productions
Lisa Yeiser, Graphic Designer
The Odd Life of Timothy Green
2011 - Feature
Illustrator (sketchbooks)
Richie Kremer, Propmaster
The Vampire Diaries
2009 - Series
Illustrator (sketchbook)
Warner Brothers
Joe Connolly, Propmaster
Stroke of Genius
2003 - Feature
Set Designer
Bobby Jones Films LLC
Bruce A. Miller, Prod. Designer
Dumb & Dumberer
2003 - Feature
Set Design/Asst. Art Director
New Line Cinema
Troy Miller, Director
2002 - Feature
Set Designer
Sony Pictures
Clay Griffith, Production Designer
In My Life
2002 - Pilot
Asst. Propmaster
Warner Brothers
Leslie Glatter, Director
Sweet Home Alabama
2001 - Feature
Asst. Propmaster
Clay Griffith, Prod. Designer
Run Ronnie Run
2001 - Feature
Asst. Propmaster
Dakota North Entertainment
Troy Miller, Director/Producer
Good Neighbor
2000 - Feature
Stage & Frame Productions
Todd Turner, Producer
2000 - Feature
Asst. Propmaster
Creative Media Services
Todd Turner, UPM
Remember the Titans
1999 - Feature
Asst. Propmaster
Tom Luse, UPM
Mama Flora's Family
1999 - Miniseries
Asst. Propmaster
CBS Television
Jon Avnet, Producer
False River
1998 - Indie
Asst. Propmaster
First Light Entertainment
Rex Hauck, Director
Black Dog
1997 - Feature
Asst. Propmaster (2nd Unit)
Universal Pictures
Rafaella DeLaurentis, Producer
1997 - ABC Movie of the Week
Asst. Propmaster
Walt Disney Television
Chris Seitz, Producer
Savannah (season 2)
1996 - Series
Asst. Propmaster
Spelling Entertainment
Peter Dunne, Produce
1996 - Pilot
Asst. Propmaster
Fox Television
John Ashley, Producer
Savannah (season 1)
1995 - Series
Asst. Propmaster
Spelling Entertainment
Chris Seitz, Producer
Soul Survivors
1995 - BBC Movie
Asst. Propmaster
Trisquare Film Productions
Jim Davis, UPM
1995 - Network Presentation
Asst. Propmaster
Spelling Entertainment
Buzz Burger, Producer
A Horse for Danny
1994 - Movie of the Week
Asst. Propmaster
ABC Television
Thomas DeWolf, Producer
Past the Bleachers
1994 - Movie of the Week
Asst. Propmaster
ABC Television
Jim Davis, UPM
Caught in the Crossfire
1994 - Movie of the Week
Asst. Propmaster
NBC Television
Bryan Hickox, Producer
The War
1993 - Feature
Third Props
Universal Pictures
Kristi Zea, Prod. Designer
1993 - Movie of the Week
Third Props
Art Seidel, UPM
Pet Semetery II
1992 - Feature
Prop Assistant
Frank Bodo, UPM
Stay the Night
1991 - Movie of the Week
Third Props
NBC Television
Stan Margulies, Ex. Producer
Robocop 3
1991 - Feature
Third Props
Orion Pictures
Leo Murphy, Propmaster

I’m a featured writer at Oz magazine!

Read my stories about movie sets!

Client Endorsements

Calm Under Pressure

“I contracted Andrew for multiple video animation projects for a Fortune 15 telecommunications company. He's calm under pressure, cares about his work, and is an amazing illustrator, designer and storyteller. Plus, he’s a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use him in the future and recommend him without reservation.”

Lynn Lamousin, Kittyboy Creations

Instrumental Help

“Andrew was instrumental in helping me translate my vision into reality. He guided me through the publication process and provided valuable insight into ways to improve my book. I would certainly employ his services again should I decide to write again.”

Captain Drew, PiratePalooza.com

A Pleasure!

“Andrew was an invaluable cohort in the design and production of custom graphics for client service deliverables. With only the broadest of concept statements and the right business content he worked wonders in Photoshop -- and whatever else he has squirreled away on his computer(s) -- to produce "spot on" product. He's tireless in his pursuit of producing great work (our late hours at the office together attest to that), quick to suggest a "better way" to get to the goal, positively accepts constructive critique, and he knows how to prioritize his work. A pleasure to have worked with him!”

David Wheeler, ADVENTpds, LLC


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