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Pencil, pen & ink, hand-drafting, sketches and scribbles.

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Odd Life of Timothy Green Sketchbooks

Propmaster Ritchie Kremer received a tip from a friend who had worked with him on 2nd unit of X-Men : First Class that I might be the right “untrained illustrator” to create some sketchbooks made by the character of the dad (played by Joel Edgerton) in a Disney film that had recently started pre-production in Atlanta.

Ritchie asked for a sample of natural drawings for Production Designer Wynn Thomas to review and once I’d been given the green light I filled a second plain moleskine book with furniture sketches and then later with drawings of an exciting new idea that Timothy and his family pursue. The dad’s furniture drawings were all done quickly in my natural gestural style and were intended to look like “idea” drawings, not measured construction drawings.






Pencil on paper

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The Odd Life of Timothy Green




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