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Go For Jimmy!

This article was published in Oz Magazine’s digital counterpart, Ozcetera. I created the artwork for this article.

You learn radio etiquette “in the field” in the movie business, and walkie-talkies are such an integral part of the filmmaking experience that we sometimes forget about them entirely. I wrote this article to educate and entertain the reader, and to introduce them to my favorite PA of all time: Jimmy. Here’s an excerpt:

“Jimmy was always enthusiastic and eager to report the condition of his extremely remote and absolutely unnecessary lock-up to the tyrannical 1st AD, and Jimmy’s muppet-like speech impediment was underscored by a simpleton’s innocence. Jimmy the nonexistent PA would typically ‘appear’ on channel one to make his reports any time the 1st AD began raking his team over the coals, peppering the 1st with questions and occasional opinions about shots.”




Oz Magazine




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