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Highway to Glidden

This article was published in Oz Magazine’s Creative Index issue in August of 2011. Oz Magazine provided the artwork and layout for this issue's article.

For years people have been fooled into thinking that big budget motion pictures are planned out to a meticulous degree because of the ‘making of’ featurettes about Star Wars and the Indiana Jones films. In truth, most movies are made by throwing lots of money around until something happens, as was the case on the movie Black Dog. Here’s an excerpt:

“Imagine, if you will, a long straight stretch of county road thirty miles east of Atlanta. A blue Trans-Am hauls ass, leaving distinct black curlicues on the pavement. The 2nd unit director calls “Cut!” and the 1st AD calls the on-set painter over the walkie. A minute later an old white Suburban rolls up to the trail of rubber, a slight man in his 50s climbs out, opens up the back doors of the truck and pulls out a can of latex house paint. He pries open the can and begins pouring a puddle of paint directly onto the road like it was something that he does all the time. After a few seconds he stops pouring and begins diligently spreading the puddle out along the 30-foot long skid mark with his paint roller. It was absolutely unbelievable.”




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