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Shooting the Elephant

This is an article that I wrote for Oz Magazine, published by Gary and Tia Powell of Oz Publishing. Oz Magazine provided the artwork for this article.

True the world over, people tend to work under the assumption that they have the most important job in the room and as a result they tend to know very little about the details of their co-workers jobs. In this article I encouraged people to do a little cross-training and lose their ‘interdepartmental ignorance’. Here’s an excerpt:

“Back when I was still doing props, I was surprised at how often people on the crew would walk up and ask me if they could buy something from the set when the show was over, as if I knew a darned thing about the set dressing on the set. I was a prop guy, not a set dresser, but they didn’t know the difference. These weren’t people fresh to the business either, these were men and women who’d been in the industry for 15+ years and they had no idea exactly what it was that I did on set. When I began doing set design and art direction, I still encountered experienced people on the crew who honestly didn’t seem to understand my role in the process.”




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