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The Mystery of Bunny’s Soft Mark

This is an article that I wrote for Oz Magazine, published by Gary and Tia Powell of Oz Publishing. Oz Magazine provided the artwork for this issue's layout.

They say that “talent comes in all sizes”, but in a world where “talent” is a size double-E, anything is up for grabs. This article focused on a bit of unexpected nudity on the set of a steamy nighttime soap. Here’s an excerpt:

“She handed her cup of cocoa to me, took a half step over to the bed to drop her terrycloth robe and returned to the spot that Steve had given her, looking particularly cute in some spunky shorts and a sporty grey t-shirt that strained against all the Bunny bits packaged within. Steve turned toward me and took the first blue towel from my hand, but as he turned back toward Bunny she did something completely unexpected: she reached down to her midriff and with a quick tug she lifted the shirt up, up, up and suddenly it was floating above her head and then it was on my shoulder. I swear that there was a cartoony ‘boing’ noise as the shirt cleared her now naked bust line. Somewhere I heard a clank, a clatter, and a shout.”




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