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Safety in Stakebeds

Tia Powell initially approached me about writing for Oz Magazine’s online edition Ozcetera and my first article entitled “Safety in Stakebeds” appeared in March of 2011. I wrote this article to introduce the uninitiated to the vital role that stakebed trucks play in the motion picture industry. The artwork was provided by Oz Magazine.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Stakebeds are the Huey Choppers of the film industry; providing a means for strategic delivery of equipment and personnel to remote locations under difficult conditions. The defining characteristic of a stakebed truck is its flat metal deck (or “bed”) with slots running along the edge into which wooden or metal rails can be inserted to create a high-walled pen to safely contain transport materials. These removable rails provide great flexibility, allowing the trucks to be used for transporting anything from large, unwieldy stage pieces down to carts filled with directors chairs.”




Oz Magazine




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