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Pinewood Atlanta

This is an article that I wrote for Oz Magazine, published by Gary and Tia Powell of Oz Publishing. I created the artwork and executed the layout.

I was unable to resist writing about the recently announced bombshell that Pinewood Studios would be building a large stage facility south of Atlanta, especially since my own career in movies had started at Pinewood outside London on the set of the film Batman. Here’s an excerpt:

“December 1988. It was freezing cold in the city. My Dad and I huddled in long coats on the sidewalk,watching a procession of poorly fashioned parade floats lumbering down Gotham Boulevard. Some dangerous looking guys on the floats began tossing money into the crowd. Of course we grabbed some – who wouldn’t? In less than a minute I’d managed to net $400 and I think my dad had more than that, but before I was able to compare numbers with him an old lady in front of us tumbled to the ground clutching her throat, a giant rictus grin stretching madly across her face.”




Oz Magazine




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