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The Race to the Bottom

This is an article that I wrote for Oz Magazine, published by Gary and Tia Powell of Oz Publishing. I also created the artwork and layout for this article.

This article was prompted by a wave of reports I was hearing about production managers taking advantage of a hungry and uneducated graphic designer market in Atlanta. Even people who had been working in the industry for years were taking rates well below what they normally charged in a rush to grab work, so I felt compelled to chastise my friends and colleagues into taking care of their business. Here’s an excerpt:

“This devaluation of the services doesn’t only apply to graphic designers and it’s not limited to Atlanta. It’s happening across the country and includes illustrators, storyboard artists, set designers, art directors and other art-generating crafts that fall under the auspices of the Art Department. Unless you belong to the Art Director’s Guild (IATSE 800) and are an Art Director, the studios have no contractual minimum rate that they are bound to honor, meaning that local unions are helpless to assist these people in their negotiations with producers, and a smart UPM will take advantage of hunger and insecurity every time.”




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