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Hula-Hula PiratePalooza Shirt

My client Captain Drew met me at Starbucks to discuss the artwork for his 2008 PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing. He arrived 45 minutes late, leading a goat by a frayed cord. After buying the goat a double-whip latte he climbed up on a table and announced that the 2008 event would be themed with a tropical island motif.

After the police had finished talking to everyone in the coffee shop I went home and began working through some versions to show the Captain. The art shown here was designed for the front of the shirt. The event had used black t-shirts for several years in a row so I was ready to move to a different color fabric, and I ended up selecting a “chocolate” color. I was also interested in playing with bright colors against that warm field, but at the time I felt the production costs associated with a 4-color shirt was more than people would be willing to pay so the final version was shot with one color, parchment, on the brown field. It still looked <em>great</em>!

Trivia: this was the first time the PiratePalooza logo was manipulated into a different shape! If you look closely you'll see that I turned the logo into an Easter Island style image, which also seems to have made it look like Captain Drew’s mask.


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