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Look Like Money

“Are you perceived by your friends as busted, broke, or lame? I can CHANGE YOUR LIFE.” These are the words of a Mister Phil T. Rich, the hysterical infomercial hawker who (thankfully) keeps interrupting this music video. This job was a typical “hey are you busy right now?” kind of call by an Atlanta commercial art director, Jerry D’alesio.

Over the course of a few hours I knocked out what he needed and he headed out the door armed with the dust jacket for the hawker’s book, the poster art you see flanking the stage, some crazy street signs and some footprint-shaped dollar symbols.

The artwork for this book cover is hardly refined and I probably shouldn’t include this project in my portfolio, but working on hip hop videos was a rite of passage for Atlanta film crews back in the hard times and the video is actually pretty fun to watch, so don’t miss the link in the sidebar!


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Look Like Money




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