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Zombie Grrrrl Shirt

I did not create the original zombie profile illustration, I just made it prettier and am including this project here because it’s a neat bit of Zombieland trivia.

My friend Dwight was propmaster on the movie Zombieland and had an energetic new crew working with him. His third was a girl named Katrina, who was really excited about the business and wanted to commemorate the fun time she’d had on the show by getting some T-shirts made.

She tossed a few gun-related suggestions to me but after I’d played around with those ideas for awhile I recalled that she’d gone above and beyond to create vegan Twinkies for one of the film’s stars, Woody Harrelson.

With that in mind, I adapted a zombie head from one of the zombie warning posters you see posted around on walls in the movie – I put a glowing yellow Twinkie in its mouth and set the job up for a 3-color run (light pink, hot pink, and golden yellow). The layout you see above only shows the light pink and the hot pink layers.


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