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The PiratePalooza™ Star Skull Sigil

I’ve created plenty of logos over the years, for use in the real world and in movies, but this is the first sigil that I’d ever been asked to create.

Captain Drew’s sigil remains particularly special among the things I’ve designed because it captures so many elements of his personality and history, and because so many people tend to identify with it.

While it’s obvious that Captain Drew’s logo takes the letter “P” from Pirate and the letter “P” from Palooza and weds them, back to back, then sprinkles things (teeth?) down each side of the single vertical element, you may not have noticed that:

  • the sigil resembles a skeleton key
  • the two round circles are reminiscent of the Captain’s signature space pirate mask
  • the two round circles are reminiscent of boobs (the Captain’s favorite thing)
  • if the skull resembles a skull it is most definitely alien in origin, just like the Captain
  • the “teeth” on either side look like the tuning pegs on the headstock of a guitar, and the Captain hosts a concert at his annual PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing.
  • the Greek letter Φ, an aspirated voiceless bilabial plosive, just like the Captain
  • a cross-section of an adult situation

So you can understand my excitement at having invented a sigil that profoundly captures so many aspects of this ancient space pirate’s persona. You can also understand why I get so upset at those who claim that I simply copied the symbol that’s been burned deep into the door to his cabin for centuries. I mean, I didn’t even notice that when I was aboard his ship.

Plus, do you think he would have paid me if I hadn’t invented it??? Wait, he DIDN’T pay me…. aw man.


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