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While I rarely accept “real world” web design projects (as they tend to be unprofitable), I do create them for motion pictures.

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Bridging Institute of America Website

The founders of the Bridging Institute of America (BIA), an Atlanta-based construction industry organization, asked me to design a website to present an overview of “Bridging”, a method of construction project delivery. The BIA website has been updated frequently to promote its recurring webinar series, and to refine the presentation of public-facing teaching materials.

As the art director / programmer I took special care to ensure that the technical content presented on this website visually match educational materials sent out to people who signed up for the BIA’s webinars. It’s my believe that continuity of experience is important for establishing a comfort level for all intended recipients of marketing materials, from web to print.


Web Design


The Bridging Institute of America


Hand coded website


Coda, CSSEdit, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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