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While I rarely accept “real world” web design projects (as they tend to be unprofitable), I do create them for motion pictures.

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MoonTrackr Website

I was hired by Karen Felix, the first season propmaster of the MTV series “Teen Wolf”, to create a fictional website which could supposedly track the full moon. I drove out to set to discuss the look and feel of the site and how the gag was expected to work on-screen. Since they wanted to see clouds part to reveal the moon we decided that the best option would be to create a Flash-based page. This allowed me to include hidden on-screen buttons set to trigger the animation on different intervals, to give the crew a bit of flexibility for shooting the scene.

Designing a webpage for camera inserts is tricky because a director is bound to change their mind between the time that you lock into a pre-arranged sequence and the time that they arrive on set to shoot the scene. Designers who create onscreen animations for a living tend to use the application Director, but Flash works just fine in a pinch!


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