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While I rarely accept “real world” web design projects (as they tend to be unprofitable), I do create them for motion pictures.

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Joe's Sticky Stuff

I’m proud to say that I know Joe, of Joe’s Sticky Stuff™, an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive tape that has taken the motion picture industry by storm. I don’t just know Joe, I worked with him for years on the sets of feature films and television shows. In the 2000s Joe developed Sticky Stuff and asked me to design the label for the tins his company was selling through various expendable outlets and retail stores, like Restoration Hardware. When Joe was brought in as propmaster on the runaway hit television series “The Vampire Diaries” he asked me to help him redesign the site for Joe’s Sticky Stuff™.

Joe’s design aesthetic is old-fashioned, straightforward Yankee “simplicity”, which is what we applied to the website. As the propmaster of a popular television show Joe has precious little time to administer a website, but he was interested with interacting with his fans via social media so we added his Twitter feed to the front page of the website along with a few other interactive elements inside the website.

In addition to the website I also created the illustrations that demonstrate how to apply and remove the tape.


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JoeProps, LLC


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Coda, CSSEdit, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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