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While I rarely accept “real world” web design projects (as they tend to be unprofitable), I do create them for motion pictures.

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Department of Corrections Database

I created this simulation of a Department of Corrections database site for a low budget thriller. It's not pretty, but it wasn't meant to be - it was supposed to have an institutionally unfriendly interface and was "cinematically realistic" for the time period in which it was made.

In the early 2000s most graphic designers working in film only knew how to create flat images to simulate websites. In my experience working alongside camera I knew that actors like a bit of business to interact with whenever possible, and directors love options. By creating functional websites like this one I’ve provided plenty of flexibility for the shooting crew.


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Green Valley Entertainment


Hand coded website


Coda, CSSEDit, Adobe Photoshop

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No Witness




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